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Google's App Is Now Also a Portable Cheesemonger

A new feature will tell users about over 400 kinds of cheeses.

Courtesy of Google

It's a good month to be a cheese fan: First came the roll out of the cheese emoji, and now Google is launching a new cheese-centric feature on its smartphone app. According to a spokesperson for the search engine giant, users can now ask the app about "over 400 kinds of cheeses." It will then display information about a cheese's taste, texture, the kind of milk it is made from, aging information, and country or region of origin, alongside images of the cheese.

A spokesperson tells Eater the app "will not replace the deep knowledge of your local cheese monger." However, the app is there for you the next time you are at a swanky party and have no idea what a "bucheron" is. The app can also help users locate where the nearest cheese shop is, or pull up videos on how to make cheese-based dishes. To access the feature, users have to press down the mic button in the app and ask a question.

Google has rolled out a number of new updates to its app this year, including one that teaches users how to make cocktails. The app displays step-by-step instructions, a list of ingredients, and suggestions for a garnish as well as glassware for each cocktail. Combined with the new cheese update, Google can help you throw a fancy party of your own.