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Papa John's New 'Sriracha Meats' Pizza Is Late to the Party

Pizza Hut introduced sriracha pizza a year ago.

Papa John's

Ever on the cutting edge of food trends, Papa John's is finally climbing aboard the sriracha bandwagon. The chain just unveiled its new Sriracha Meats pizza, nearly a year after competitor Pizza Hut began offering the fiery chili sauce as a topping.

According to Brand Eating, the "Meats" are pepperoni and Italian sausage; the pie also includes red onion and "a drizzle of Papa John's version of Sriracha sauce." One has to wonder just how long it took P.J.'s marketing team to come up with that lackluster name.

The cultishly adored rooster sauce has inspired scores of spicy products from ketchup to beer, not to mention an EDM festival and a documentary. As the name "sriracha" refers to simply a general type of hot sauce, many of the products are not licensed by the popular Huy Fong brand that has become synonymous with sriracha in America. However, Huy Fong recently launched its own snack line that includes popcorn, hummus, and tortilla chips.