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Andrew Zimmern Is Working on an Artisanal Food Jewelry Line

Proceeds go to charity, naturally.

May or may not ward off vampires
May or may not ward off vampires

Andrew Zimmern is a man of many talents: He just celebrated the 200th episode of his insanely popular Travel Channel show Bizarre Foods, he's written numerous books, and he is a selfie master. Now, he can add brand ambassador for "artisanal food jewelry" to the list.

Zimmern is now Chief Culinary Officer for a company called Delicacies that sells food-themed charm bracelets, sales of which benefit hunger-relief charities. You can adorn your wrist with a fine Italian leather strap and options like a gold carrot, or even a silver lobster. Zimmern himself is partial to the octopus. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), there are no bull testicles.

The bracelets, which cost $75 to $85, will no doubt coordinate perfectly with Zimmern's 26-pocket khaki travel vest, which he launched last year in conjunction with the company SCOTTeVEST. Of course, he's hardly the first chef to moonlight as a fashion designer: San Francisco chef Chris Cosentino designed a line of butcher-inspired underwear and mortadella-print socks last year.