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Watch Anthony Bourdain Proclaim His Love for Waffle House

"Talk about exotica."

Anthony Bourdain stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night to promote the current season of his CNN show Parts Unknown. Host Stephen Colbert reeled off where Bourdain travels this season: "This year you are going to Cuba, Borneo, Ethiopia, and other mysterious exotic places like Charleston, South Carolina." Charleston is Colbert's hometown, so he quipped, "I understand the locals there are just beautiful and intelligent."

Bourdain revealed that while he did try local delicacies like hominy and hoppin' john, he was most blown away by one discovery in particular: "The glories of the Waffle House." Bourdain explained: "Talk about exotica, I've never been. It's apparently a place you can go no matter how wrecked and obnoxious you are or how late at night... they are nice to you." Amused by Bourdain's admission, Colbert reveals his favorite part about the 24-hour chain: "The nice thing about the Waffle House is that the menu is all pictures, you don't have to read."

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