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Whole Foods' Recall; Bacon, Red Meat Causes Cancer; Starbucks' Scary New Drink

Plus more food news and reviews.


— Whole Foods markets in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, New York, and New Jersey have recalled several salad items that tested positive for Listeria. The recall affects "bulk and packaged" Curry Chicken Salad and Deli Pasta Salad — including wraps and sandwiches made with the salad. Customers that have purchased these items are being told to throw them out and bring the receipt to their nearest store for a refund. No illnesses have been reported.

[Photo: Amanda Kludt]

[Photo: Amanda Kludt/Eater]

— ChickenShack, restaurateur Danny Meyer's new, limited edition fried chicken sandwich is only available in Brooklyn... and Istanbul, Turkey?! An astute Eater editor caught Shake Shack Istanbul advertising for the sandwich executives promised would only be available in Brooklyn. Manhattan — and the rest of the U.S. — still has to wait for a taste of this crispy chicken sandwich with herbed mayo on a potato roll that promises to give Chik-fil-A a run for its money.

— A new study from the WHO says processed meats and red meat causes cancer. Red meat has been added to the organization's list of over 1,000 carcinogens. This means sausages, bacon, ham, baloney, pancetta, and all fine charcuterie and salumi are considered carcinogenic to humans. Beef, pork, and lamb were labeled "probably carcinogenic" to humans. Cue the meat industry's defense, lobbying, and backlash.

— Lyle's restaurant in Shoreditch, London is gearing up to host a series of chefs from around the world. Chefs from Stockholm's Babette, Sweden's Daniel Berlin, and Paris' Septime will take up residence at Lyle's for a few days each month from now until January 2016. More information, including how to snag a ticket, can be found on Lyle's Guest Series website.



— Starbucks is offering a new drink for Halloween. Called the Frappula, it's a white mocha cream Frappuccino with raspberry syrup "blood" drizzled over the top. It's finished with whipped cream, and is available from October 28 through October 31. The price starts at $4.25 for a tall.

— Portland, Ore.-based Rogue Ales Brewery has partnered with Voodoo Doughnuts for their newest brew: Voodoo Doughnut Mango Astronaut Ale. The brewery calls the partnership a "Collision of Crazies" and notes that Voodoo Doughnut's Mango Tango fritter was the inspiration for this blend from brewmaster John Maier.

— LA-based chef Roy Choi and his SF-based chef/partner Daniel Patterson have been expansion plans for their sustainable, health-focused fast food concept Loco'l:

— Apparently Hillary Clinton helped create a merging of foods herself: Mashable writes that in the mid-2000s Clinton sat grape growers next to a table of ice cream makers at a showcase of foods from New York State. Not long after, wine ice cream was born.