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New App 'Never Eat Alone' Helps Office Workers Avoid Sad Desk Lunches

It helps people find co-workers to grab a meal with.


There's a new app on the market that aims to put an end to sad desk lunches consumed by yourself in front of a computer screen. Called Never Eat Alone, it's kind of like Tinder, but for colleagues to eat lunch with. According to TechCrunch, co-founder and CEO Marie Schneegans came up with the idea while doing a summer internship at financial services company UBS. She wanted to meet people "working for other departments" at the very large company but there was no simple way to do so. So, she stared "sending emails to other people and organizing lunches." Thus, the idea for Never Eat Alone was born.

Companies can purchase access to the app for its employees. Using the app is optional and all employees have to do is sign up and create a profile that lists their interests. Users can then search for people in other departments that share similar interests and set up a lunch. For now, Never Eat Alone makes the most sense for company with hundreds, if not thousands, of employees. While it is currently only available in France, the start-up has plans to expand to companies in America in the coming months.

Schneegans isn't the first person to create a Tinder-like application that focuses on food. Earlier this year, three friends from Boston launch Tender, which is a recipe-centric play on the popular dating app. Users still swipe, but on images linked to recipes, not potential dates.