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Taco Bell Tests Croissant Tacos; How to Get Noma Australia Tickets

Plus, Mario Batali on Bradley Cooper's knife skills.

Courtesy of Taco Bell

— Taco Bell's latest innovation? Croissant tacos. They're currently being tested only in Cleveland, so unless you live in the Buckeye State you'll just have to close your eyes and imagine what a wadded up croissant with scrambled eggs shoved in the middle tastes like. Nonetheless, it does seem like a logical follow-up to the waffle taco.

— Hoping to nab a seat at Noma's ten-week-long Sydney, Australia pop-up? Tickets go on sale October 30 at 10 a.m. Australian time (that's Friday at 7 p.m. in New York), and they'll run you a cool $485 ($350 USD) per person. Noma Australia will run Tuesday through Saturday from January 26 to April 2.

— Reviews are in for Burnt, the new chef movie starring Bradley Cooper, and they're uh, not very good. However, Mario Batali — who consulted on the film — gives Cooper's knife skills high marks:

— Subway pedophile Jared Fogle is now $1 million poorer: He has paid out $100,000 in restitution to each of ten people who were underage victims of his sex crimes, with another $400,000 on the way. The ex-sandwich chain spokesman pleaded guilty to charges of child pornography and paying for sex with a minor back in August; he's scheduled to be sentenced next month.

— British cookbook author and The Taste judge Nigella Lawson has a new TV series: Simply Nigella debuts November 2 on the BBC. The first episode will feature a recipe for that most trendy of dishes, avocado toast. Her new cookbook by the same name hits stores in November.

— Iconic chef Jacques Pepin was honored at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. last night. He was given the Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts’ very first Julia Child Award, which was presented by none other than chef Daniel Boulud.

— New Haven, Conn.'s legendary Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana is almost ready for its Massachussetts debut: It's eyeing a December 1 debut for its Chestnut Hill, Mass. location, with plans to eventually have up to five locations in the Boston area.

— Everyone's hopping on the "all-natural" bandwagon, even ye olde Schwan's man. The food home delivery service just announced it's ditching artificial colorings and flavorings, as well as high-fructose corn syrup.