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Maple Bacon Pop-Tarts To Clog Grocery Store Aisles in December

There are also new watermelon and pink lemonade flavors.


Kellogg's is climbing aboard the bacon-flavored bandwagon: According to ABC 13, the cereal goliath unveiled maple bacon Pop-Tarts at a food show in Tennessee last week. The Huffington Post offers a description of the new toaster pastry flavor: "Maple and bacon-flavored filling in a golden crust, topped with sweet white frosting and salty and smoked flavored crunchlets." Because everyone knows breakfast is better with smoked flavored crunchlets.

Maple bacon isn't the only new Pop-Tart flavor to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting public: There's also chocolate caramel (boring), frosted spring strawberry Pop-Tarts that come complete with cartoons printed on top, as well as pink lemonade, and watermelon — neither of which sound very appetizing coming out of a toaster. The maple bacon variety will hit stores in mid-December, just in time to put a box under the Christmas tree for your most loathed of relatives.

Compared to some of the strange products that the world's unrelenting passion for cured and smoked pork products has yielded, Pop-Tarts actually seem pretty tame — not to mention late to the party: It was three and a half years ago that Jack in the Box stunned the world with its bacon milkshake, and later that year Burger King followed up with a bacon sundae of its own. Since then we've seen a number of all-bacon restaurants, not to mention a dating app for bacon lovers and, finally, a bacon emoji.