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Watch the Trailer for 'Noma My Perfect Storm,' a Film About René Redzepi's Fight to the Top

The documentary has been a long time coming.

Behold the trailer for Noma My Perfect Storm, the long-awaited documentary about René Redzepi and his hallowed Copenhagen restaurant. The film was originally scheduled to premiere in 2014 at the International Berlin Film Festival but hit production delays. Now, thanks to an Indiegogo campaign from director Pierre Deschamps to cover post-production costs, it will hit North American theaters and be available via iTunes and On Demand on December 18.

The film chronicles Redzepi's quest to reclaim the title of "Best Restaurant in the World" after being unseated in 2013. The trailer depicts a lighthearted Redzepi sipping a "Scandinavian margarita" — and then, a sudden mood shift: The chef, who seems to be reeling after Noma was denied a third Michelin star, says pointedly at a staff member, "There's something that's not going right, and I think it's you." The trailer concludes with Redzepi admitting: "Do I believe that there is a best restaurant in the world? Of course not, it's fucking ridiculous. But... it changed our restaurant forever."