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Butter Sushi Is a Thing Now

Paula Deen would approve.

A sushi restaurant in Osaka, Japan is serving butter sushi — and it's a hit. RocketNews24 writes that the restaurant, Jinen, recently began offering a special called unagi butter sushi, and it's become something of an overnight sensation.

Each piece of sushi is composed of a small mound of sushi rice topped with a slice of unagi (grilled freshwater eel), which is then topped with a pat of butter. A small belt made of nori keeps the butter in place.

Note that this isn't a small pat of butter, this is somewhere between a teaspoon and a tablespoon's worth of butter. It's a generous pat. RocketNews24 translated some of reviews of the sushi on social media: Diners say "it feels like it's melting in your mouth," and one enthusiastic fan wrote, "I could eat this every day!"

We're not sure if former Dancing With the Stars contestant/disgraced food person Paula Deen likes sushi, but she'd surely approve of sushi topped with butter.

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