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Watch Bradley Cooper Praise Gordon Ramsay and Talk About the Importance of Spoons

Cooper also makes fun of his grandmother.

Actor Bradley Cooper stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to talk about his new film Burnt. Cooper plays a chef in the movie who is looking for redemption and a return to glory in the form of Michelin stars. Cooper mansplains what exactly Michelin stars are after which Kimmel quips, "[They are] bigger than Yelp even."

The actor reveals that he learned a lot while working on the movie from a number of famed chefs like Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay — namely the importance of a spoon. Cooper explains: "I always thought a spoon was the most useless utensil unless you were drinking soup or something... every chef in the kitchen has a spoon [on them always] because you are using it constantly."

The conversation then takes a turn for the weird when Kimmel asks Cooper, "Did you have have someone in the family, a woman in the family, who was like the cook?" Cooper responds that it was his grandmother and the two then proceed to make fun of their respective grandmothers' appearances ("she was like an Ewok who had [Arnold] Schwarzenegger arms").

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