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Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

After ditching San Francisco-based startup Square, Starbucks is moving on to a more established player for its payment processing. Going forward the coffee giant will use Chase Commerce Solutions, a division of JPMorgan Chase & Co., according to an announcement Thursday.

Starbucks president and COO Kevin Johnson said the deal "lays the foundation for a coming wave of innovation in our digital payment ecosystem." The Seattle coffee behemoth first announced it would drop Square late last year, and then officially severed ties earlier this month. With Starbucks launching its own mobile payment system and rolling it out across North America, the company saw increasing overlap with Square, which offers mobile payments via its Wallet app.

Starbucks expanded its Mobile Order & Pay service to stores throughout the United States last month, and deployment reached Canada earlier this month. Boosting its modern payment credentials, the company also recently adopted Apple Pay for in-store purchases.