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London Coffee Shop Fuckoffee Is Being Forced to Change Its 'Offensive' Name

People have called the police over the coffee shop's sign.


A London coffee shop has gotten in trouble over its very cheeky name. The team behind South London's Fuckoffee received a letter from their landlord's lawyers to remove the "offensive sign," according to Mashable. Fuckoffee — which is known for its PG-13 loyalty cards — tweeted out the letter with the sassy caption, "No humor please, we're British." The coffee shop now has until October 27 or the landlord will "take steps to remove the sign themselves."

Local government representative Damian O'Brien tells the Evening Standard that he likes the coffee shop. However, a number of humorless people have complained about the coffee shop's name and called the police over the matter. O'Brien adds that the police aren't too concerned, however: "The police don't feel that there's enough evidence to proceed... If the word had started with a ‘C,' that would have been an entirely different case altogether." Which "C" word O'Brien is referring to is unclear. People have tweeted out support for the coffee shop, essentially telling Fuckoffee's landlord to, well, fuck off(ee).

Fuckoffee is quite a tame name compared to other monikers restaurants have used in the past. In 2011, a restaurant opened in Waco, Texas called Fat Ho Burgers. The name quickly stirred up controversy and a Facebook group was created in an attempt to get the owner to change the name. And while not the name of the establishment, a bar in Washington offered a cocktail called "Date Grape Koolaid." A number of people protested outside of the bar, carrying signs with messages like "Date Rape Is Not a Joke."