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Now You Can Drink Wu-Tang Clan-Infused Beer

The process involved headphones custom-made to fit a beer barrel.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Legendary hiphop collective the Wu-Tang Clan has now had the honor of being infused into a craft beer. Well, kind of — RZA and GZA didn't take a dip in the fermenting tanks; rather, the finished beer from Philadelphia's Dock Street Brewery was exposed to Wu-Tang's music for six straight months. The resulting brew, a golden saison, has been appropriately given the name Dock Street Beer Ain't Nothin' to Funk With.

The brewery explains its madness via press release:

We're all a product of our environment; we react consciously and subconsciously to countless stimuli on the regular. There's the obvious: temperature, light exposure, atmosphere; and the more complicated: rhythm, tempo, volume, etc. Beer is no different. To test this theory, we didn't funk around. This Golden Saison made its way into a red wine barrel in a cool section of the brewery where the only sounds to be heard for six months were from a 24/7 loop of Wu Tang Clan’s music via custom-fit, house-made ‘headphones.’ The addition of Brettanomyces B & C (these are wild yeast strains not new clan members) changed the game with a new level of tart and funk.

The brewery doesn't mention any alternate beers it may have brainstormed, but perhaps B.R.E.A.M. (Beer Rules Everything Around Me) or Protect Ya Neck Pale Ale would have been good contenders.