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'Back to the Future'-Themed Cafes Blast Into Tokyo Right on Time

There's a dessert shaped like a DeLorean.

Back to the Future Trilogy/Facebook

It's October 21, 2015, which as any cinema nerd — or, anyone who's halfway paid attention to the internet this week — knows, is the day that fictional time travelers Marty McFly and Doc Brown blast into the future from 1985. Right on time, RocketNews reports on a string of Back to the Future cafes that have popped up in Tokyo, serving all sorts of themed food and beverage.

The cafes' menus include lattes emblazoned with the film's clock tower, pancakes printed with the movie logo, and most notably, a strawberry shortcake dessert shaped like a DeLorean that comes with a lit sparkler stuck in it:

The interior is decked out with movie memorabilia, plus televisions showing the film:

There are a total of five Back to the Future cafes currently open, and it appears they'll be operating at least through the beginning of December. (Too bad you can't ride your hoverboard there.)

If you're not a fan of the BTTF trilogy, perhaps a visit to the the world's first My Little Pony-themed restaurant is in order instead: It opened last week in Tokyo with pony toast and pancakes, among other items.