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N.J. Burger King Trolls Neighboring McDonald's With All-Day Breakfast

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Battle of the all-day breakfasts.


Following in the footsteps of McDonald's all-day breakfast bonanza, a northern New Jersey Burger King is attempting to get in on the eggs-at-any-hour action. According to ABC News, a Garwood Burger King is offering breakfast items such as muffins, croissants, hash browns, French toast, and a breakfast platter throughout the day. The kicker? The restaurant is located directly across the street from a McDonald's. After trying to form a truce with McDonald's with the idea of the McWhopper, Burger King is no longer playing nice. Eater reached out to the Burger King in question, but a manager declined to comment on the record.

Despite the copycat, McDonald's is currently the leader of the pack when it comes to fast food all-day breakfast. After the burger chain announced the idea back in March, it quickly began testing the concept in cities all over the country. Following the success of its trial run, the company announced it was aiming to roll it out nationwide by October. Following a franchisee vote, 14,300 locations began offering the all-day breakfast menu — cooked with real butter — on October 6. However, not all breakfast items are offered at every location. While there are limitations, most locations offer a solid variety of a.m. staples — some good, and some not so good.