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Woman Claims Taco Bell Quesadilla Came Stuffed With a Metal Spring

"I'm so grossed out, I don't think I'll ever come back."


Taco Bell's quesadillas usually consist of tortillas, cheese, and some sauce, but for one San Marcos, Calif., resident, her order came with an extra ingredient. According to 10News, Aya Zaremba purchased a cheese quesadilla from the chain on Sunday night. When she bit into it, Zaremba discovered there was a metal spring "from a pen cooked into the cheese." She notes, "I could not believe that I saw this metal spring in my food ... I'm so grossed out, I don't think i'll ever come back."

Zaremba says that she tried calling the location "numerous times" but no one ever answered. Eater was also unsuccessful in an attempt to reach the location by phone on Tuesday. Zaremba explains that she just wants to know "how did [the spring] end up in the food area?" Upset, she emailed the pictures to News10, which passed them on to Taco Bell's corporate office.

A spokesperson for the chain tells Eater: "We take this claim very seriously and immediately contacted the customer as soon as we were made aware of her experience. We, and our franchisee, are actively investigating." Zaremba says that the Taco Bell representative wanted to "win her back as a customer" but that she wasn't buying it. "It's definitely a wake-up call for me to not to go fast food [restaurants] in general."

A metal spring sounds tame compared to other items fast food customers have found in their orders. At McDonald's, a child cut his mouth on a piece of plastic found in a chocolate sundae, and months later a customer found a human tooth in his french fry. Watch the local news story on Taco Bell's unwanted ingredient below: