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Subway Will Now Measure Its Bread to Ensure 'Footlong' Sandwich Is Actually 12-Inches in Length

The chain was sued because the sandwiches were shorter than advertised.

This will now actually be a foot long.
This will now actually be a foot long.

Subway will now ensure that its "Footlong" sandwiches are actually a foot long. According to Time, the chain was sued two years ago by plaintiffs claiming that the sandwiches were shorter than advertised. The class action lawsuit alleged that Subway was falsely marketing the "Footlong" sandwiches as being 12-inches long. The lawsuit added that six-inch sandwiches came up short as well.

Now, the chain will be required to measure its bread to ensure that the sandwiches are indeed 12- and 6-inches long. Business Insider notes that Subway will also edit its "training material and franchisee protocols" which "previously allowed for a small tolerance in the size of the footlong sandwich."

Nation's Restaurant News writes that the issue first came to light in 2013 when an Australian teenager posted an image on Subway Australia's Facebook page of a Footlong sub next to a tape measure that showed the sandwich was actually 11-inches. A class action lawsuit quickly followed and it has taken the chain two years to settle the case. It is estimated that Subway shortchanged customers around $0.45 per sandwich due to the shorter bread.

Size isn't the first issue Subway has had with its bread. It was revealed last year that the chain was using azodicarbonamide — a chemical that is also found in shoe soles and yoga mats — in its recipe. The chain removed the chemical from its bread soon after the news broke.