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Trix Nixes Cartoon Rabbit Mascot in Favor of Real Bunny as Part of Its Campaign to Go All Natural

Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids (and real bunnies, not cartoon ones).


Trix — a cereal which consists of unnaturally bright colored spheres — is going all natural, from its ingredients to its mascot. General Mills announced in June that it will rid its cereal of all artificial flavors and colors by 2017. Instead, Trix will use fruit and vegetable juices to dye the cereal, which means in the future, the cereal will have fewer colors. A number of boxes will also no longer feature its famed cartoon rabbit mascot which has been around since the 1960s. Instead, the company is hoping to find a real rabbit to put on its cereal boxes to show that the cereal is, well, more real.

According to a press release, General Mills is rolling out a three week long casting call to find "one real rabbit to be featured as the honorary face of Trix." This means a person's pet bunny could appear on a "limited run" of boxes in their hometown. Yes, you could have a celebrity pet (and that can lead to many, many great things). General Mills promises that the cartoon rabbit will return after the limited run is over.

Here's a classic Trix commercial from the 1960s: