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Why Paula Deen Is 'Excited' to Be Eliminated From 'Dancing With the Stars'

Deen couldn't quite 'Vogue' or her let her body move to the music well enough to please the judges.

Paula Deen/Facebook

Butter queen Paula Deen has officially slid off of the Dancing With the Stars dance floor y'all. According to ABC, the disgraced former Food Network star was eliminated from the show last night. Deen was supposed to channel her "inner Madonna" for a "jazzy" take on "Vogue," but apparently couldn't find it. Mass Live writes that Deen — who has had "weeks of poor scores" — had the lowest of the night, and was thus kicked off of the show.

Deen, for her part, seems almost relieved to be leaving in week six of the show. "I'm excited," she said while laughing after host Tom Bergeron told her she was eliminated. "I get to go see my grand babies." She added: "I have been like a fish out of water for six weeks. It has been such a wonderful journey. It took them a long time to convince me to do this. It was wonderful. It was worth it."

Deen has had quite the ride on the show, which started with her attempting to do (and completely failing at) the Nae Nae. Then, she broke her promise to not wear skimpy costumes and dropped a raunchier performance on the judges last week. Deen "hoisted up her skirt and flashed her underwear," not once, but twice during the performance.

Dancing With the Stars is just one little part of Deen's plan to try to win back the hearts of America after her fall from grace. So far, her comeback plan has included launching her own digital networkcreating a podcast, opening a new restaurant and (branded) store in Tennessee, dropping a new cookbookcreating a mobile game à la Kim Kardashian, and apparently putting her name on an outdoor furniture line. Watch Deen talk about her elimination below: