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Buffalo Wild Wings Reaches Wage Settlement; Danny Bowien and Jimmy Fallon Make a Burrito

And, Michael Ruhlman is working on a charcuterie app.

Joshua Lott/Getty Images

— Diversified Restaurant Holdings, which operates several Buffalo Wild Wings locations in Michigan and Illinois, has reached a $1.8 million settlement after employees claimed the restaurants refused to pay minimum wage. The money will be paid out to more than 1,000 current and former B-Dubs employees, reports M Live, though the company still denies any wrongdoing.

— Mission Chinese Food's Danny Bowien made an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Thursday night, and the chef, host, and band leader Quest Love rolled up Bowien's take on a fried chicken and Chinese burritos — after pounding a few beverages, of course.

— When you stop by Starbucks for that morning dose of caffeine, are you getting all the voltage you deserve? Maybe, maybe not. These graphs show exactly how much caffeine comes in Starbucks' various beverages. Study them, and become an informed consumer.

— Michael Ruhlman is undertaking what sounds like the ultimate Michael Ruhlman project: the creation of a digital charcuterie app. To get an idea of what consumers would want out of the app, the author has set up a public survey with questions ranging from "Do you consider yourself a charcuterie enthusiast?" to "How much time do you spend on charcuterie-related activities?" There's no word yet on what sorts of charcuterie-related activities the app will be able to accomplish.