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Chef Clare Smyth Is Leaving Restaurant Gordon Ramsay to Open Her Own Place

It is slated to open next fall.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Chef Clare Smyth is leaving the roost of shouty chef Gordon Ramsay. According to the Evening Standard, Smyth — who is Ramsay's protégée — is leaving Restaurant Gordon Ramsay to open her own restaurant. There are few details, but the project is slated to open next fall. She will remain on as a consultant with Restaurant Gordon Ramsay until then.

Smyth started working at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in 2002 before briefly leaving to work in kitchens in Morocco and America. She returned to assume the head chef position at the London restaurant in 2007. It was there that she became the first female chef in England to hold three Michelin stars, and she retained them through out her entire tenure.

Smyth explains that she is leaving because she wants to capitalize on her success: "Restaurant Gordon Ramsay has been a big part of my life ... I am grateful for the opportunities it has given me. I also remain ambitious and want to build on my success." Ramsay tells the paper that he is supportive of Smyth's new venture, noting that she "is undoubtedly one of the greatest chefs to have graced my kitchen and has now become the most prominent female chef of our generation."