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Alton Brown and a Bobby Flay Look-a-Like Star on 'The Simpsons'

The episode, titled "Cue Detective," airs this upcoming Sunday.

Get ready Simpsons fans, Homer has caught the barbecue bug, and on the next episode of The Simpsons he's confronted by a "Chew Network celebrity chef" named Scotty Boom, who appears to be based off of one Mr. Bobby Flay. Boom's shows include "Side Dish Impossible, Master Prison Chef, and Kill It, Chill It, Grill It." For his newest show, Eat Down, Boom challenges Simpson to an "Eat Down," which he describes as "where I use my big time New York City chef skills to obliterate amateur cooks." Homer exclaims, "Who would watch such a one-sided farce?" before accepting the challenge.

Apparently, Homer has a secret weapon: A smoker he bought from a man at a roadside barbecue shack (voiced by Edward James Olmos). In a case of life imitating art, trouble ensues when someone steals the magical smoker. And at some point, Alton Brown makes an appearance, perhaps to judge Eat Down?

The Simpsons "Cue Detective" airs this upcoming Sunday, October 4 on Fox at 8:00 ET/PT/7:00 CT. Don't miss the meat montage, gif'd here for your viewing pleasure: