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World's First My Little Pony Cafe Blows Into Tokyo on a Rainbow Cloud of Wonder

It is a bronie's dream come true.


Calling all hungry bronies and pegasisters: Japan is home to the world's first official My Little Pony-themed restaurant. According to a press release (translated), the cleverly named My Little Pony Cafe opened last week and will remain open in Tokyo until November 29. The pop-up is a collaboration between Sega Toys, which makes My Little Pony; Umajo, a professional women's horse racing team; and Sunday Jam, a restaurant that is known for its pancakes.

Everything in the colorful restaurant is themed, writes Tech Times. The cafe features a massive mural of My Little Pony characters and there are My Little Pony horse dolls everywhere. As for the food, the menu features items like banana, chocolate, and marshmallow pancakes drizzled with a very pink sauce and topped with a My Little Pony cookie. There is also a matcha chocolate latte with pony-themed foam, My Little Pony-emblazoned toast, and "a milky rainbow parfait."

Japan loves a themed restaurant, especially one inspired by a beloved character. Last fall, the Hello Kitty Cafe pop-up opened inside of a department store in Tokyo and only served Hello Kitty-shaped foods like an apple pie with a Hello Kitty-shaped crust and latte with Hello Kitty foam art. The city was also home to a Super Mario-themed pop-up restaurant earlier this summer. Menu items included dishes like "Bowser's Taco Rice" and a "Super Star Rice Omelet." Check out some images from the My Little Pony Cafe below: