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René Redzepi's Noma Pop-Up in Sydney May Serve Crocodile Fat and Green Ants

There will likely be mangoes and mud clams.

Rene Redzepi foraging for seaweed in Tasmania.
Rene Redzepi foraging for seaweed in Tasmania.
Jason Loucas

Danish chef and king of the foragers René Redzepi is gearing up for the Australian pop-up of his famed Copenhagen restaurant Noma. Redzepi announced earlier this summer that he and his team will set-up shop for ten weeks at Barangaroo in Sydney, starting in January.

Similar to the Noma pop-up in Japan, the menu will feature a number of hyper-local ingredients, many of which are definitely adventurous. He revealed this summer: "Since my first trip to Australia several years ago I've been wanting to spend more time there — exploring, tasting, and understanding its ingredients." The chef is now teasing his discoveries on Instagram. Here's what diners can possibly expect on the menu for a meal which the Daily Mail reports will cost around $450 AUD ($326 USD).

1) There will likely be mud clams, "the singular best mouthful" Redzepi has had in Australia:

"Kids in Arnhem Land found these for us, buried under the mud near the mangrove jungle. Watch out for the crocodiles. Then somebody lit a fire of old eucalyptus trees, and the clams were casually thrown on the roaring bonfire for a brief minute: Briny, smokey and perfect."

2) Crocodile fat may also make it onto the menu:

"Ok, I'm not sure...but here's some new stuff: CROCODILE FAT — the bottom piece is from the tail, and the top parts that looks like foie gras are from the body."

3) Some incredibly sweet, sorbet-like mangoes may also make the cut:

Ahhh, when your fresh mango looks and tastes like just churned sorbet #nomaaustralia #darwin

A photo posted by Rene Redzepi (@reneredzepinoma) on

"Ahhh, when your fresh mango looks and tastes like just churned sorbet.

4) What is a Redzepi restaurant without ants? These apparently taste like kaffir lime:

"Green Ants from the stunning area of Arnhem Land in tropical Australia - one of the most exotic places I've ever been to. They taste explosive of kaffir lime, lemon grass and a touch of coriander. They've been apart of aboriginal food and medicine culture for the past 60.000 years."

5) As for the meat, diners can likely gear up for Magpie goose:

"Have you ever tasted Magpie goose? A bird that's been around since the dinosaurs, and for thousands and thousands of years part of the aboriginal Australian diet. These ones from the acacia community near Darwin in the very north of tropical Australia, eats a diet of water chestnuts and the sweetest mangos from the nearby farms. AMAZING!!"

6) Like the Japan pop-up, Redzepi appears to be sourcing specially made dishware from local artisans. No word on whether or not it will also be sold off for hundreds of dollars per fork:

A photo posted by Rene Redzepi (@reneredzepinoma) on