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10 Outrageous Cocktails From Around the World

Drinks that take happy hour to the next level.

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Cocktails are often one's first impression of any restaurant or bar. While taste is important, the mere appearance of a drink can send guests into an Instagram frenzy. To that effect, many restaurants and bars have created over-the-top drinks to blow diners away before they even take a sip. From alcohol-infused air to the world's most expensive cocktails, here are 10 of the most outrageous and impressive libations ever served:

Alcoholic Cloud at Alcoholic Architecture — Guests who walk inside this London pop-up bar are enveloped in clouds of aerosolized booze that give the inhaler a buzz.

Cider at The Aviary — This cocktail lounge in Chicago has gained a reputation for its creative libations. Several of the bar's innovative drinks are served in custom-designed glass porthole infusers such as the "Cider" — a combination of sliced apples, ginger, apple brandy, hibiscus, sage, thyme, and other ingredients.

Tumblr/The Porthole Infuser

Bottle Rocket at GEM Italian Kitchen Nightclub & Lounge — This Boston lounge offers a different kind of bottle service: dumping an entire bottle of high-end champagne into mixtures of liquor, fruit, and dry ice.


Flaming Lamborghini Shot at The Myst — Watch this video of a bartender at molecular gastronomy spot, The Myst, in Bangkok, Thailand create this labor-intensive shot known as the Flaming Lamborghini.

Bloody Mary at Luke Wholey's Wild Alaskan Grille — Located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, this restaurant takes bloody mary garnish to the extreme. Not only is the classic brunch cocktail dressed with giant prawns, but it also gets topped with a whole fried soft shell crab.



Bone Luge at Jeepney — This meaty twist on the ice luge is also offered at several other restaurants like The Black Hoof in Toronto and Meauxbar in New Orleans.

$10,000 Diamond-Infused Martini at Vaucluse Lounge — Big Sean and 2 Chainz went to this exclusive lounge in Hollywood to sip on a martini that has not only been infused with diamonds, but is served with $10,000 worth of diamonds in the glass. "It tastes like a Rolex."

Bubble Bath Martini at Lounge Bohemia — London hot spot Lounge Bohemia is a Czech-inspired bar known for its inventive and over-the-top libations. This quirky martini is evidence of why.


The Winston at Club 23 — While its Guinness World Record's title for most expensive cocktail ($12,916) may be tainted by controversy, the time and effort that went into making this drink is impressive.

Magic Mojito at SLS Beverly Hills — A cloud of cotton candy adds a touch of whimsy to the average mojito.