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Enough with the unnaturally colored burger buns already: McDonald's China just launched a burger with a highly unappetizing gray bun. It's called the Modern China Burger, and as The Telegraph points out, it "resembles two slabs of granite." Mmm, igneous rocks!

The Big Mac slinger is just the latest chain to hop aboard this unnaturally-colored bandwagon, which seems to be most popular in Asia: Burger King Japan served a burger with a black bun (and black cheese) back in the summer of 2014, following it up with a red-bunned burger this year. Meanwhile, KFC China recently introduced chicken sandwiches perched on pink and black buns.

The strange trend has even made its way to the U.S., with BK serving its black bun burger as a Halloween promotion — although it apparently has some disturbing effects on one's digestive tract.