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Watch Anthony Bourdain Declare His Love for San Francisco

He also questions if the city will be "awesome forever."

Season six of CNN's Parts Unknown has taken host Anthony Bourdain everywhere from Cuba to Okinawa, Japan. In the next episode, he visits a more domestic locale — the Bay Area. In a preview clip, Bourdain proclaims his love for San Francisco: "If you don't like this place; If you don't think it is as awesome as I think it is, then there is something hopelessly wrong with you." Although, he is acutely aware that the city might not be "awesome forever," and that people are concerned it is "under threat from a torrent of evil tech money."

When not discussing the future of San Francisco, Bourdain manages to eat a lot, including plenty of pork and a fancy looking plate of fish. Bourdain is also shown getting a new tattoo, doing Jiu Jitsu, and exploring Oakland, where "gentrification is met with a starker history of resistance." Parts Unknown The Bay Area premieres Sunday, October 18 on CNN. Go, watch the preview clips above and below: