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Make a Gin Cocktail With Beet and Horseradish This Weekend

It's called a Beet & T.

For the fifth day of Cocktail Week, Arnaud Dissais of Brooklyn's Loosie Rouge makes a vegetal gin drink with horseradish, citrus, and beet flavors. Check out the recipe below and watch the video to see how it's done.


One serving.

What You'll Need:

1.5 oz. Tangerine and blood orange-infused gin*

.5 oz. Rhubard cordial

.5 oz. Oloroso sherry

2 dashes Horseradish tincture

2 sprays Suze bitters

1 Hibiscus and beet ice sphere**

Mixing glass and strainer
Rocks glass

Crushed ice

Measure out and pour all liquids, except Suze, into a mixing glass. Stir and chill with crushed ice. Strain and pour over custom ice sphere. Add crushed ice and stir. Strain and pour into glass with large ice cube. Garnish with cherry blossom flower and pumpkin seeds.

*For Tangerine & Blood Orange-infused Gin: Put the peel of 2 blood oranges and 1 tangerine into a ziploc bag with the bottle of gin. Cut all fuirt segments and add to bag. Seal and make sure there’s no air in the bag. Heat a large pot of water or 15minutes until it reaches 140F. Then put the bag in the pot for 1 hour. Allow it to cool and then remove the fruit and peels and strain.

**For custom ice sphere: Boil water and add Flor de Jamaica for 12 minutes and strain liquid. Juice a peeled beet with a juice extractor. Add 1 part beet juice, 2 part Hibiscus infusion into the mold. Freeze for 6 hours.

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Loosie Rouge

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