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Australian Chicken Chain Lets an Actual Chicken Run Its Twitter Account

Unsurprisingly, it's all been gibberish so far.

Chicken Treat/Facebook

An Australian restaurant chain has ceded control of its Twitter account to a chicken. According to Australia's 9 News, barbecue chicken chain Chicken Treat "has placed a keyboard inside a henhouse, in an publicity stunt aimed at getting a chook to tweet out a comprehensible word." The restaurant hopes to nab the hen, which is named Betty, a Guinness World Record for being the first chicken to tweet.

As Munchies points out, "So far, Betty seems to be pretty far from pecking her way to a four-letter word recognized by an English-language dictionary":

Nevertheless, thanks to Chicken Treat's accompanying ad campaign, Betty has become somewhat of a social media sensation; some of her nonsensical tweets — which actually bear a pretty close resemblance to the majority of YouTube comments — have garnered more than 100 retweets. The question is, will Betty become someone's dinner if she can't get it together and tweet a coherent word?

Chicken Treat isn't the first restaurant chain to launch a ridiculous stunt in the quest for notoriety: Arby's earned itself a Guinness World Record for the world's longest commercial when it aired 13 nonstop hours of brisket cooking last year.

Watch the Chicken Treat commercial, below: