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Danny Meyer Drops Tipping: Twitter Reactions From Restaurant Insiders

Where the tipping conversation may be heading from here.


This morning, New York City restaurateur Danny Meyer dropped the bombshell that his Union Square Hospitality Group will soon eliminate tipping — as Eater's Ryan Sutton points out, it's the "first time zero-gratuity will be the universal policy for a major American restaurant group." Meyer himself just Tweeted that the group reached its "(no) tipping point," and unsurprisingly, chefs, restaurateurs, food critics, and other industry insiders have also taken to social media with their hot takes.

Here now, a look at where the conversation is heading from here:

In Chicago, Nick Kokonas — restaurateur and founder of reservations system Tock, takes a bit of early credit:

Fellow New York City chef Dan Kluger, who's soon opening his own spot, approves:

Montreal Gazette restaurant critic Lesley Chesterman wonders if no-tipping will truly ever happen:

Serious Eats founder Ed Levine approves, gets a pun in:

LA Weekly restaurant critic Besha Rodell makes a point about lower-end dining:

Colorado restaurant owner Annie Vick is less enthused:

Boston restaurateur Michael Moxley gives a thumbs-up:

Prolific UK food writer Bruce Palling advocates for chefs and cooks:

The Food Network's Justin Warner was more subtle in his approval:

Boston Globe restaurant critic Devra First also advocates for eliminating tipping:

Madison, Wisconsin chef/restaurateur Tory Miller is a believer: