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NFL Star Tom Brady Does Not Believe Frosted Flakes Are Food

He also hates Coca-Cola.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Controversial New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has some strong feelings about Frosted Flakes. Brady recently appeared on Boston sports radio station WEEI where he unleashed his opinions on American food culture and how people have been lied to and "brainwashed" by major food companies. He is no fan of the cereal (it appears he likes Wheaties instead):

"I think we've been lied to by a lot of food companies over the years, by a lot of beverage companies over the years. But we still do it. That's just America, and that's what we've been conditioned... We believe that Frosted Flakes is a food...Those [junk foods], of course they taste very good. And of course all those companies make lots of money selling those things. They have lots of money to advertise... That's the education that we get. That's what we get brainwashed to believe, that all these things are just normal food groups, and this is what you should eat."

Brady doesn't have kind words for Coca-Cola either, blaming advertising for the country's acceptance of soda:

"I disagree with a lot of things that people tell you to do. You'll probably go out and drink Coca-Cola and think, ‘Oh yeah, that's no problem.' Why? Because they pay lots of money for advertisements to think that you should drink Coca-Cola for a living? No, I totally disagree with that. And when people do that, I think that's quackery. And the fact that they can sell that to kids? I mean, that's poison for kids. But they keep doing it."

The criticism is bold considering that Brady was a paid spokesperson for Glacéau's Smartwater, a brand owned by Coca-Cola. Something Brady does love though? A piping hot plate of pancakes.

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