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Paula Deen Flashed 'Dancing With the Stars' Audience Twice During Racy Routine

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Her dance partner also slapped "her booty repeatedly."

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Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Butter queen Paula Deen may have promised last month not to wear any skimpy outfits on Dancing With the Stars, but she certainly isn't afraid to get cheeky. According to Us Weekly, things to a turn for the, err, weird on this week's episode of the show. The 68-year-old former Food Network star's routine got a little raunchy. During the dance, Deen "hoisted up her skirt and flashed her underwear at audience members" inside the CBS studio. While she did that, her dance partner Mark Ballas, "proceeded to slap her booty repeatedly." E! News writes she then lifted her skirt up again to reveal to the judges that her underwear had "Shake It!" written on it.

Deen laughed off the flashing when asked about it by Us Weekly: "Oh my gosh, I had so much fun with Mark. So much fun." She then hinted that it was Ballas who "inspired the idea": "Mark told me to be myself! And that's who I am!" Deen is apparently a disgraced cooking show star who flashes people while having her behind slapped on a reality competition show for washed-up celebrities. In preparation for the routine, Ballas says he went over to Deen's house where they "fried chicken together... baked biscuits together, we made succotash, rice, macaroni and cheese, [and] gravy." Sounds like the typical diet of anyone getting ready to bare their behind on national television.

A "top Vegas odds maker" said last month that "Deen has the worst chance of winning Dancing With the Stars" and so far he has been proven right. Deen has been struggling on the show, consistently coming in at the bottom, though her flashing routine was declared her best yet by judges. She is one of the oldest contestants on the show, and was previously reluctant to participate. Deen says that losing 40 pounds is what gave her the push to join this year. Watch a clip of the dance below:

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