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Watch Larry Wilmore and Nancy Pelosi Discuss Obama's Mom Jeans Over Ice Cream

"Do you ever wince when you see [Obama] in his mom jeans?"

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi stopped by The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore earlier this week to discuss politics with host Larry Wilmore. Pelosi and Wilmore went "somewhere no Republican would go — Big Gay Ice Cream" in New York City's West Village to have the conversation. There, Wilmore — who ordered a "Salty Pimp" cone — asked Pelosi a series of important questions like "Do you ever wince when you see [Obama] in his mom jeans?" and "Who is the least crazy [of the Republicans]?"

The two then discussed Oreo-abstainer and controversial presidential candidate Donald Trump. Wilmore inquired: "If you were at the inauguration of President Trump, would you be projectile vomiting or [would you] just throw up in your mouth?" Pelosi — who barely touched her sundae with whipped cream — revealed: "We'll never know. He's not going to be president... and he knows that. I think this is about book sales and lecture fees."