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Chick-fil-A Plans New Sauces; Flatbread and Paella Emojis Coming Soon?

And, Gordon Ramsay attempted the Ironman Triathlon, but he couldn't stop throwing up.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

— Closed-on-Sunday chicken sandwich giant Chick-fil-A is branching out beyond Polynesian sauce. The chain is adding a few new condiments, including sweet & spicy Sriracha, smokehouse BBQ, garlic & herb ranch, and zesty buffalo. Exact rollout dates haven't been announced, but the new sauces should be available nationwide by the end of next year.

— The taco emoji is finally here, so what's next? It appears the Unicode Technical Committee, the organization that decides which emojis make the cut, is considering baguette bread (aka French bread), "shallow pan of food" (paella, casserole), and stuffed flatbread (döner kebab, falafel, gyro, shawarma), in addition to the previously announced candidates. There's also a green salad, but who's excited enough about salad to use that emoji?

— Click Hole strikes again:

Surely, someone on Facebook is commenting on this "news report" with outrage at this very moment.

— Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is from Vermont, so it's only natural that he gets his own Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor. While the company hasn't created it yet — and there's no word that it will ever actually happen — co-founder Ben Cohen has an idea: "Bernie's Yearning" would be "a giant chocolate chip on top of the ice cream that covers the entire top. The giant chip on the top represents all the wealth that's gone to the top 1 percent of the population over the last 10 years. And the way you eat it is, you whack it with your spoon and then you mix it around." Left-wing economic policy doesn't get more delicious than that.

— Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay tried to complete the Ironman Triathlon, but his stomach got the better of him — how ironic.

Hi guys, didn't happen this year. During my bike ride I threw up several times and wasn't able to keep anything down,...

Posted by Gordon Ramsay on Sunday, October 11, 2015

— Actor Charlie Sheen engaged in some typical Charlie Sheen behavior over the weekend, getting kicked out of an Orange County, Calif., bar for being too drunk. Despite the incident, Sheen showed his maturity by making amends with the bouncer who gave him the heave-ho — "Nice job, you win. Sorry about that. I'm sorry, man." — and posing for a selfie.

— Caviar, one of a few San Francisco-based restaurant delivery services, has expanded to Sacramento. So far more than a dozen restaurants in the city have partnered with the service, which was bought by mobile payment company Square last year.

— Tock, the new-fangled ticketing system from Chicago restaurateur Nick Kokonas, continues to add clients. Los Angeles' Pok Pok is on board, and reservations will be available beginning October 28.

— In honor of fake holiday National M&M's Day:

The more you know.