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Starbucks Is Now Testing In-Office Delivery Inside the Empire State Building

The drinks are made in a designated kitchen in the building.


Nearly 12,000 workers inside of the Empire State Building in New York City will no longer have to leave their officers to get their fill of sugary Starbucks lattes. According to a press release, the coffee chain officially began testing its Green Apron Delivery service this morning. Announced earlier this year, the program is Starbucks' first official foray into delivery.

To use the service, employees in the building must place an order through a dedicated website that offers a "selected set of food and beverages." The drinks are then made by Starbucks baristas working in a "designated kitchen within the building." The orders are all prepared within 30 minutes and a Starbucks barista will bring them to a company's designated drop off spot — which could be areas like reception or a common room —where the customer will then meet the barista.

The program was specifically created for "a dense urban environment." If you don't happen to live or work in one of those, a spokesperson notes that Starbucks will start testing a partnership with delivery service Postmates "later this year." The partnership will allow customers to order food and beverages through the Starbucks app and receive "on-demand delivery within defined areas."