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Personalized Nutella Jars Are Back

Except they're still only available in the UK.


For the second year in a row, the evil geniuses behind Nutella are selling fun — though controversial — personalized jars of their addictive chocolate-hazelnut spread. Still, for some bizarre reason no one will understand, the personalized jars are only available in the UK. (Last year, they were also available in France.) London's noted department store Selfridges will house the machine that can print (almost) whatever word you want on the front to order. Per a release, each jar costs £4.99 (or about $7.60 USD), and is created "instantaneously in stores." For the first time, personalized Nutella jars will also be available for order online in the UK.

Only one question remains: If you have a personalized jar of Nutella, do you still need to keep a lock on it?