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Manual 'Cocktail Computer' Offers Curated Cocktail Recipes in 'Mad Men'-Style Device

The creator says that most popular and classic cocktails can be made with 24 ingredients.


In this app-filled world, sometimes you just want a manual device to tell you what do to. At least, that's what the creator of this throwback contraption believes. Meet the Cocktail Computer, a device that eschews the internet's deluge of cocktail recipes, in favor of every classic or popular cocktail you make with 24 ingredients. According to its Kickstarter campaign, the turquoise machine with a Mad Men-feel will equip users with "an essential shopping list... including garnishes and other smaller items you may think to have in stock."

The Cocktail Computer comes with "curated recipe cards" that feature more than 100 cocktails. These decks will be updated in the future as well. The device features stainless steel cocktail pickers — which you insert into corresponding holes in the machine — that also double as a way to hold martini olives and Luxardo cherries. To pick out a recipe, users then designate what ingredients they have in the house or would like to use, and the Cocktail Computer pulls up a recipe card that corresponds to the ingredients chosen.

The campaign's goal is $50,000 and so far the team has raised $6,627. Rewards for donating include an early bird version of the Cocktail Computer for $45, stoneware coasters, and customized cocktail recipes. Check out a video about the project below: