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Noma Showed up on Wall Street Tuesday Night

It was art in food form.


Noma, the iconic Copenhagen restaurant from René Redzepi, is undergoing a major revamp, but it's still finding time to pop up around the world. It's previously hit Tokyo and has Sydney in future plans, but on Tuesday night New York City's Wall Street was the destination. While Redzepi wasn't in attendance, Noma turned out dishes at a long-abandoned space that is being transformed into an installation by artist Simon Birch, writes the New York Times.

With the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and Alan Cumming in attendance, Birch brought Noma in specifically because the restaurant's meals more closely resemble art projects than dinner. Among the dishes served were roasted langoustine with a paste made from oyster, parsley, and oil; dehydrated scallop chips atop barley and a watercress sauce; and "things" — mushrooms and deep-fried moss — in chocolate for dessert. The meal didn't come cheap: a suggested $5,000 a head.

Noma will close at the end of the year with an eye on reopening in 2017. The big changes include the incorporation of an urban farm and cutlery and flatware that rotates on a seasonal basis.