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Kate Spade's Bakery-Themed Purses; Ben & Jerry's Plans Vegan Ice Cream

Also, Starbucks plans to switch to cage-free eggs by 2020, Trump replaces José Andrés restaurant with BLT Prime, and more.


— Vermont-based ice cream maven Ben & Jerry's is releasing a non-dairy vegan ice cream. While it may come as a surprise that the ice cream king has not already jumped on the dairy-free bandwagon, the company's website states the delay was due to the fact that the folks at Ben & Jerry's "want their ice cream to be the best ever, and when you're doing something new, that means a lot of, ahem, testing." No details yet about what crazy flavors will be available as vegan options.

— Donald's Trump's new D.C. hotel has announced that BLT Prime will step up as Trump Hotel International's new restaurant. This will be the New York-based steakhouse's first D.C. location, and it's set to open its doors by 2016. This news come months after acclaimed chef and restaurateur José Andrés pulled out of his 10-year lease with Trump Hotels to open a Spanish restaurant in the new D.C. hotel. Andrés explained his decision at the time: "Donald Trump's recent statements disparaging immigrants make it impossible for my company and I to move forward."

— Cupcake-shaped purses? Yup. According to Racked, New York cupcake giant Magnolia Bakery will partner with designer Kate Spade for a collection of cupcake-inspired handbags. The collection will also include bags shaped like containers of Magnolia Bakery's famous bread pudding.

— Credit card companies are attempting to curb theft by producing chip-enabled cards that will prevent thieves from accessing your information when paying at restaurants, fast-food chains, and other retailers. Businesses that don't update their payment systems to use the chip will become responsible for any fraud that occurs in their stores, reports ABC News. These new cards' chips create a separate transaction code for each purchase, making it difficult for employees who take your card for payment — like servers do in restaurants — to steal your information.

— The chickens' rights movement has been well underway in 2015, with many fast-food chains and others announcing they will not purchase eggs from suppliers who keep their hens in cages. According to The Humane Society's blog, Starbucks is doing its part to emancipate the caged bird with todays announcement: The company will switch over to using 100 percent cage-free eggs by the year 2020. Joining food retailers like Burger King, McDonald's, and Walmart, Starbucks hopes to improve the lives of thousands of hens by making the switch.

— In other Starbucks news, the company's baristas are demanding to meet with company CEO Howard Schultz to discuss scheduling issues that they claim are in disarray, reports the Pudget Sound Business Journal. Company representatives say they have not received direct requests from employees to meet with the CEO and claim they have recently improved the scheduling system. The changes include posting the schedule two weeks in advance, not scheduling the same employee to close the store and then open the next day, scheduling in accordance to requested availability, and preventing managers from overriding the system. However, as recent as Tuesday, employees were still complaining that they are not receiving their schedules more than five days in advance, yet are required to turn in vacation dates three weeks in advance.