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Orlando Sports Bar to Serve Free Beer Until College Football Team Wins a Game

"We need something to get excited about."


A sports bar in Orlando, Flor. is taking its dedication to a local football team to new heights with its new drink special. According to Time, The Basement will serve free beer starting this Saturday during the University of Central Florida football game. The special will run during each game until the team wins one. UCF is 0-4 so far this season.

The bar announced the deal via an Instagram post: "Seriously... because we need something to get excited about." The bar added a plea in the post, "UCF, please win soon." This is a stellar situation for fans of rival teams: They get to enjoy free beer while watching UCF lose.

UCF, please win soon.

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This isn't the first time a bar or restaurant has offered free food and drink to rally behind their favorite football team. Earlier this year, a Tampa, Flor. restaurant offered football star Jameis Winston unlimited crab legs "until the day he dies." The condition? He had to be drafted by local NFL favorite, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And in this case, the restaurant now has to foot Winston's crab leg bill for life.