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3D Printed Desserts Do Not Suck, According to This Guy

Watch a taste-test of 3D printed cookies, chocolates, and candies.

3D printing may be the future of the food world, and that might not be such a bad thing. One intrepid Wall Street Journal writer set out to try a range of printed foods and really enjoyed what he tasted. Columnist Geoffrey Fowler points out that the real advantages of 3D printing is that printers can "render ingredients like chocolate and pasta in shapes and textures that have previously been impossible to create."

Fowler tests the goods printed by three different models — by ChefJet, XYZPrinting, and CocoJet — at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. A blackberry candy was "akin to crushed-up Smarties" and then moments later transformed into a "gummy-bear-like texture." A printed milk chocolate had the flavor of anise and a "lingering fudge finish." And a butter cookie — printed in "ornate loops" — was an "ideal tea accompaniment." So are 3D printers worth buying? Possibly, especially if the projected $500 model for the home cook becomes a reality. Go, watch the video above.