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Blue Bottle Continues World Domination With Two New Tokyo Shops

Take a peek inside the beautifully minimalist new spaces.

Blue Bottle Tokyo/Official

One of San Francisco's most beloved coffee roasters and brewers Blue Bottle Coffee is indeed opening up shop in Tokyo. Blue Bottle has now completed construction on a 7,000 square foot roasting facility in the Japanese capital. Today comes word that the rapidly expanding third-wave coffee company will also open two retail shops in the Kiyosumi and Aoyama districts of Tokyo in February and March of this year.

Roasting Facility in Kiyosumi, Japan | Blue Bottle Japan/Official

The Kiyosumi location will serve as the company's Japanese flagship and will house a roastery, administrative offices, coffee bar, and kitchen. The Aoyama location sports a Loring SmartRoaster, an extremely high tech machine "that allows roasting teams in both the U.S. and Tokyo to share information and parameters." Consistency is key to a great cup of coffee. The menu at Blue Bottle Japan is expected to be very similar to the menus at Blue Bottle locations in the U.S.

Founder and CEO James Freeman shared his enthusiasm in a release, "Tokyo has always been an inspiring place for me, from the architecture to culinary traditions. I've always hoped Blue Bottle would have a home here. Opening in Kiyosumi has been a wonderful collaboration between our new and dedicated team in Tokyo to the Bay Area transplants who have moved to Japan to help us brew delicious coffee."

Blue Bottle Japan/Official

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