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Chefs Celebrate the Glorious Return of Foie Gras

José Andrés promises free foie cotton candy; foie gras tasting menus are on-tap for tonight.


This afternoon, the U.S. District Court for California's Central District invalidated California's ban on foie gras, which had been in effect since July 2012. And now that the ban — officially known as "California Health and Safety Code Section 25982" — has been revoked (read the full judgement here), chefs in California and elsewhere are celebrating in myriad ways: Some are promising the delicacy will be on menus as early as tonight, some are dreaming up new foie dishes, and some, like José Andrés, are straight-up giving away foie treats. The culinary world's reaction, below.

For foie fans in Los Angeles, chef José Andrés is offering free cotton candy foie gras treats (which are usually on his Las Vegas Bazaar menu for $8 a pop):

In San Francisco, chef David Bazirgan is ready to whip out the foie in a four-course tasting menu at Dirty Habit, exclusively available tonight:

... While in Los Angeles, Eater LA is tracking many upcoming foie gras menu additions, which currently include foie gras supplements at Melisse and an all-foie dinner at Terrine.

Back on Twitter, many chefs and restaurant owners are vaguely promising foie will return to menus ASAP:

Other chefs are raising an air-toast to the internet:

And some chefs are taking the occasion to come clean: