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McDonald's Japan Apologizes for Serving Food with Teeth, Vinyl In It

The chain has a had a rough year.


McDonald's Japan is in the midst of a McCrisis and is now apologizing for all the weird things customers keep finding in their food. Earlier this week it was revealed that a customer had found a piece of vinyl in their chicken nugget. To remedy the situation, McDonald's Japan stopped selling nuggets that were produced at a plant in Thailand. The company had been using the Thailand plant ever since the Chinese expired meat scandal last year.

But that isn't the only strange item found in dishes from McDonald's Japan, according to Reuters. In December, a child cut his mouth on a piece of plastic found in a chocolate sundae. Even grosser, in August another customer found a human tooth in his French fry. After finding that, the recent French fry shortage probably sounded like a good thing.

To save face — and continually slumping sales — the company held a press conference to apologize for the incidents and "reassure the public of the safety of McDonald's food." Senior vice president at McDonald's Holding Co (Japan) Takehiko Aoki told the press: "I am confident that my family can eat McDonald's products," and that he believes the company's response to each situation "has been appropriate." It doesn't appear as if consumers agree: Reuters notes that McDonald's Japan's stock closed .9 percent down today.