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A Contestant on The Bachelor Has a Baby Named Kale

And she is vying for the love of a farmer.

Mackenzie and Kale
Mackenzie and Kale
Screengrab from ABC

The world has officially hit peak kale: People can't stop naming humans after the leafy green. Last night on The Bachelor season premiere one of the contestants, Mackenzie — a super hip 21-year-old dental assistant — introduced her son to the audience; he is indeed named after the popular green juice ingredient. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel was quick to chomp on the bit, airing a montage of McKenzie playing with an actual kale leaf-version of her son, who pauses to yell out, "I hate you mommy."

And he will probably continue to hate her into his adult life, as this NYMag story about a woman who married a man named Kale proves. At least he can take some relief in knowing that in the past couple of years, at least 250 other kids have been name Kale. Check out the clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live below:

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