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Adam Richman Urges Fans to Donate to Restaurant Destroyed by Fire

The Ohio Deli and Restaurant was the victim of a fire.

Ohio Deli and Restaurant/GoFundMe

TV show host and online bully Adam Richman is trying to shed some positive light on his troubled career by helping a restaurant in need. According to ABC 6, the Walmart spokesperson is encouraging fans to contribute funds to a restaurant in South Columbus, Ohio that was destroyed by a fire last week. The Ohio Deli and Restaurant was featured on the pilot of Richman's Travel Channel Show Man Versus Food, which helped put him on the map.

Richman tells the news channel, "They were there for me at the beginning... I felt that one good turn deserves another. I genuinely care about this place. I like the food. I like the people who make it." So he posted the restaurant's GoFundMe page on his Facebook wall and urged his 275,000 fans to to "pitch in." It is unclear if Richman donated any money himself. The restaurant has only raised $5,335 of the $20,000 they need.

Richman should note that one good deed isn't enough to redeem his reputation. Back in June, Richman went on a social media tirade where he lobbed expletive-filled responses at commenters, called one woman a c*nt, and even told another to commit suicide. While Travel Channel dropped his showNBC and Walmart still somehow decided to keep TV show host on board despite his behavior. Check out the local news story below:

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