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Piece of Vinyl Discovered in a McDonald's Japan McNugget


A McDonald's in Kanazawa.
A McDonald's in Kanazawa.
David Lisbona/Flickr

The french fry shortage is over, but now McDonald's Japan has a new crisis: foreign objects in its McNuggets. A McDonald's rep tells The Wall Street Journal that "a piece of vinyl was found in a chicken nugget sold over the weekend at one of its restaurants in the northern prefecture of Aomori."

In response, the chain stopped selling "nuggets that were produced at a Thai plant on the same day that the nugget was made" and have sent the offending specimen to its Tokyo headquarters for further investigation. As the WSJ points out, "McDonald’s Japan has been relying on three plants in Thailand for its Chicken McNuggets since Chinese supplier Shanghai Husi Food Co. was accused in Chinese media of intentionally selling expired meat last year."

What's worse: McNuggets made from potentially rotten meat or McNuggets with plastic embedded in them? Perhaps the tofu nuggets are a safer bet these days.