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Gordon Ramsay Fails to Shut Down 'Gordon Ransay's' Impostor Restaurant

The faux-Ramsay restaurant serves three courses for the low low price of €7.95.

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Gordon Ransay's.
Gordon Ransay's.
Gordon Ransay's Tenerife/Facebook

Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay has failed to shut down an impostor restaurant after four years of legal battles: A resort restaurant in Tenerife, the largest of Spain's Canary Islands, continues to capitalize on Ramsay's name and fame despite the best efforts of his legal team, reports the Daily Record.

The restaurant, which serves up tourist bait like garlic bread with cheese and breaded beef steak at the bargain price of €7.95 (about $10 USD) for three courses, is officially called Gordon Ransay's, although thanks to the font used for the logo it looks decidedly like "Gordon Ramsay's." Travel site TripAdvisor has apparently fallen victim to the hoax; its review page for the Tenerife restaurant has the name incorrectly displayed as "Gordon Ramsay," and diners' verdicts vary from satisfied ("it's cheap, cheerful & fine") to damning ("worst food on the island"), though most seem to recognize the fact that the restaurant isn't actually associated with the Kitchen Nightmares star.

Per the Daily Record, Ramsay recently told a High Court judge that his camp receives "thousands of complaints" about the unauthorized restaurant, which previously claimed to have paid for use of the Ramsay name. A rep for Ramsay "declined to comment on how much the legal wrangle had cost Ramsay so far, saying only that lawyers were investigating how to next take action."

Ramsay has certainly racked up more than his fair share of lawyer's fees recently: He's been battling his father-in-law and former business manager for forgery and also countersued his previous business partner over disputes with the now-defunct L.A. restaurant The Fat Cow.