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Kim Kardashian's BFF Jonathan Cheban Plans Burger Empire

The first Burger Bandit is opening on Long Island, of all places.

Kim K. and Burger Bandit BFF Jonathan Cheban.
Kim K. and Burger Bandit BFF Jonathan Cheban.
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Jonathan Cheban, BFF and sometimes-publicist to famous butt Kim Kardashian, is dipping his impeccably pedicured toe into the fast-casual burger chain waters. According to The Wall Street Journal, Cheban is preparing to open his first Burger Bandit restaurant on Long Island — you know, "a normal place" — this week and claims he's got an offer "to open seven more Burger Bandits" in the much-more-glamourous city of Dubai.

Per the WSJ, the burgers will be "bigger than a slider, but smaller than a burger," weighing in at two ounces each because, according to Cheban, "a big burger is kind of a pain in the butt." He promises Burger Bandit will be more affordable than Shake Shack, but similar to Danny Meyer's beloved chain, the burgers will be served on potato buns with secret sauce. The menu will also include a toasted marshmallow milkshake and eventually, veggie burgers and gluten-free buns.

This isn't Cheban's first foray into the restaurant business: He opened a sushi restaurant at Miami's swanky Shelborne hotel in 2013 and also had earlier plans for an absurd Vegas concept called Reality Cafe that tragically never came to fruition.